We offer a win-win situation to all the parties involved, period.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a hassle free-living environment for our tenants and a hassle free investment for our partners.

How we work

Knowledge only becomes power to the extent that it is organized, classified and put into action. I bring expertise providing excellent investments opportunities to my partners. My team will take care of everything (Analysis, Research, Accounting, Financing, Etc.) and offer Real Estate Opportunities for most budgets.

How we make it happen

We have been creating win-win partnerships for our partners for over a decade in Canada, mainly in Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The key of our success? Simplicity… we keep it simple for our tenants and provide fantastic ROI with minimum hassle for our investors.

Road to success

Real Estate can provide a means to acquiring the lifestyle and the retirement you want.

It is a method of wealth creation the wealthiest people in the world understands. Some real estate markets in Canada are presently in an upswing. I research, evaluate and purchase homes in a path of growth. I am a sophisticated investor with a network and a team that ensures that your investments are as profitable as possible.

No hassle investing

You can always call me at your convenience for updates. You will never receive problem-ridden phone calls; plugged toilets or locked out tenants, renovations or cleaning coordination, showings, screening of tenants, move in/outs, vacancy issues, advertising, calls from condo boards. The property management is up to me and my team… No hassles, no headaches, no stress. Period.

Our partners

Our partners are all affiliate companies in their own respective industries and are known to deliver high-quality services and products. They help us deliver unparalleled and complete services to our clients. The reality is that no company can survive hereby its own in the age of information technology. We need to create smart partnerships and relationships.

“We invest in properties generating positive cash flow with a proven system. Our goal is to help others achieve success because, your success is also our success.”

how can we help you?

For the past several years we have invested in different projects with Francis Theriault. His commitment to excellence and dedication is second to none. Francis is a conscientious investor who maintains discipline in every project he undertakes. He is driven to succeed.

Shirley & Roland Collette

Looking for a first-class investor to help you achieve your goals?